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Software for the HifiBerry/BeoCreate Re-Create project for upcycling vintage loudspeakers


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Create is an explorative movement within Bang & Olufsen. Our mission is to inspire and be inspired by the global creative community.

Beocreate 2

Beocreate 2 is the software suite for Beocreate 4-Channel Amplifier. It replaces the old setup tool and system software shipped with the ReCreate project in 2018. It has been redesigned from the ground up to be more flexible, more reliable and future-proof.

Beocreate Connect is a new companion application (for Mac + Windows) that automatically and instantly discovers all Beocreate 2 sound systems on the network, without typing a single IP address.

Beocreate 2 is bundled with HiFiBerryOS as its official user interface. On systems that use other HiFiBerry sound cards, the user interface carries HiFiBerry branding.

Main Features

  • A flexible front-end for Beocreate 4-Channel Amplifier and other HiFiBerry sound cards.
  • Upcycle vintage Bang & Olufsen speakers or build your own, custom sound system.
  • Beautifully crafted, responsive, browser-based user interface that works within the local network. Dark mode is supported.
  • See what's playing, control playback and volume.
  • Supports multiple sources/streaming protocols that can be set up in one place (powered by HiFiBerry AudioControl).
  • Speaker presets designed by Bang & Olufsen acousticians specifically for select loudspeaker models.
  • Quickly customise the sound with Beosonic and listening modes.
  • Parametric equaliser for general sound design and each output channel – ideal for crossovers and tuning custom loudspeakers.
  • Manage Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.
  • Extension architecture for easy expandability and future-proofing.
  • Based on Node.js.

Getting Started

Beocreate 2

As Beocreate 2 is part of HiFiBerryOS, the recommended way is to download the latest image of HiFiBerryOS for your Raspberry Pi generation and write it to a microSD card. Get HiFiBerryOS

Alternatively, you can use the Buildroot system to build HiFiBerryOS yourself. Building HiFiBerryOS

Once installed, you can follow instructions in Beocreate Connect set up the sound system.

Beocreate Connect

Beocreate Connect is based on Electron, and you can run it using the following instructions:

  1. Install Node.js on your Mac or Windows computer.
  2. Clone or download the bang-olufsen/create repository.
  3. In your terminal application, navigate to the BeocreateConnect folder and run npm install to download and install Electron and other dependencies.
  4. Once installed, type npm start to start Beocreate Connect.


Visit the wiki for help.


We're working to add documentation for Beocreate 2 to make it easier to tap into its expandability.


Design and develop extensions to expand the functionality of the system.

Sound & Customisation

Create speaker presets, DSP programs and product identities to customise the sound system.


Guidelines and best practices for design within Beocreate 2 ecosystem.

Known Issues

Some issues in the current release that aren't acknowledged in the user interface:

(No current issues)

Legacy Code

The original code for the project (SigmaTCPDaemon, SigmaClientTool Beocreate Server and the setup tool) has been archived under the beocreate1 branch.

The old DSP programs are in the Speakers directory, but please note that these aren't fully compatible with Beocreate 2. Beocreate 2 comes built in with the speaker presets for these models.