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using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Web.Script.Serialization;
using BMCLV2.Game;
using BMCLV2.JsonClass;
using BMCLV2.util;
namespace BMCLV2.Mirrors.Vanilla
public class Asset : Interface.Asset
private const string Server = "";
public override async Task<AssetsIndex> GetAssetsIndex(VersionInfo versionInfo, string savePath)
string assetIndexString;
var assetIndex = versionInfo.AssetIndex;
if (assetIndex == null)
assetIndexString = await Downloader.DownloadStringTaskAsync($"{Server}indexes/{versionInfo.Id}.json");
assetIndexString = await Downloader.DownloadStringTaskAsync(versionInfo.AssetIndex.Url);
savePath = Path.Combine(savePath, $"{assetIndex?.Id ?? versionInfo.Assets}.json");
FileHelper.WriteFile(savePath, assetIndexString);
// assets的json比较奇葩,不能直接通过反序列化得到
var jsSerializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();
var assetsObject = jsSerializer.Deserialize<Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, AssetsIndex.Assets>>>(assetIndexString);
return new AssetsIndex
Objects = assetsObject["objects"]
public override async Task GetAssetsObject(AssetsIndex.Assets assets, string savePath)
var uri = $"{Server}/{assets.Path}";
savePath = Path.Combine(savePath, assets.Path);
await Downloader.DownloadFileTaskAsync(uri, savePath);
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