Bacon.js plugin for easily constructing stateful software components as a set of interconnected observables
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Bacon.js plugin for easily constructing stateful software components as a set of interconnected observables.

Adds Circuit and Circuit.Field types to the core Bacon library object. Exposes field factory methods at…) and…), also available at Bacon.EventStream.field(.…) and Bacon.Property.field(.…) respectively.


Functional reactive programming (FRP) with Bacon.js is extremely powerful that makes building inherently asynchronous and real-time software a breeze.

But as always with great power comes great responsibility and that is where Bacon.Circuit comes in. Consider it a circuit board of observable fields that collectively represent a piece of behavior and a corresponding state.

It offers a basic framework for constructing a stateful software component based on observables, which keeps you away from common FRP pitfalls (hi there lazy evaluation) and makes it plain simple to integrate your component with other (possibly non-streaming) elements of your software by automatically generating a programming interface made up of conventional constructs such as getters, setters and methods.

Take this example of your typical data source module. A Node.js environment is assumed here, but it works in the browser in the same way.

// mydatasource.js

var Bacon = require('baconjs');

var request = require('superagent');
var ENDPOINT = '';

Bacon.Circuit.prototype.onEvent = function (name, observable, event) {
	console.log(name, '=',, event.hasValue() && event.value());

// Note that in environments where a native ES6 `Promise` does not exist, a
// promise constructor needs to be defined in `Bacon.Circuit.prototype.
// promiseConstructor` to enable functions to return promises.

new Bacon.Circuit(module.exports, {
	config: {
		order: () {
			return Bacon.once("ASC");
		searchTerm: () {
			return Bacon.once("").debounce(100);
	issueQuery: Bacon.EventStream.field(function () {
		return Bacon.combineTemplate({
			order: this.config.order,
			q: this.config.searchTerm
	value: Bacon.Property.field.digest(function () {
		return this.observeValue;
	observeValue: Bacon.Property.field.expose(function () {
		return Bacon.combineWith(
			function (params) {
				return params;
			}, this.issueQuery,
			Bacon.mergeAll(this.create, this.update, this.delete).startWith(true)
		).flatMapLatest(function (params) {
			return Bacon.fromNodeCallback(
				request.get(ENDPOINT + 'get').query(params), 'end'
	create: Bacon.EventStream.field.method(function (data) {
		return Bacon.fromNodeCallback( + 'post').send(data), 'end'
	update: Bacon.EventStream.field.method(function (item, data) {
		if (!item) return item;
		return Bacon.fromNodeCallback(
			request.put(ENDPOINT + 'put').query({ id: }).send(data), 'end'
	delete: Bacon.EventStream.field.method(function (item) {
		if (!item) return item;
		return Bacon.fromNodeCallback(
			request.del(ENDPOINT + 'delete').query({ id: }), 'end'

Now we can use this module as follows:

var ds = require('./mydatasource');

// Changing this property (and `config.searchTerm`) triggers that items will be
// refetched from server.
ds.config.order = "DESC";

// Function that returns a promise (same for `update` and `delete`).
ds.create({ id: 42, name: "Tim" }).then(function (response) {
	// ...
}, function (err) {
	// ...

// This value is assigned asynchronously, so not guaranteed to exist at this
// point.
if (ds.value === undefined)
	console.log("still loading items...");  

// This observable of type `Bacon.Property` has been exposed directly.
	onValue(function (items) {
		// ...
	onError(function (err) {
		// ...

// Note that `ds.issueQuery` does not exist.


Bacon.Circuit was created by Tim Molendijk as a building block of the BangJS Bacon-flavored Angular front-end application framework. It is currently in production use at Nouncy.

Contributing to Bacon.Circuit is encouraged. I would love to hear about your use case. Feel free to email me or send in issues or pull requests.

Bacon.Circuit has been published under MIT license and its release history has been documented here.