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Onepage : a static one-page site generator


Onepage generates a one-page navigable static website from markdown files.


  • Http server - watch mode
  • Quick deploy to a remote server using rsync
  • Default layout for desktop and mobile touch devices
  • Markdown - work from your favourite IDE
  • simple jade templating
  • less css styling
  • Custom color scheme definition


$ npm install onepage -g


Create new project/site

$ onepage new <folder_name>

This command creates a new onepage project in a folder you are currently in; next in a newly created folder:

Launch preview / watch mode

$ onepage watch

In this mode a server instance observes every change in your markdown, jade & less files. You have to point you browser to http://localhost:8000

One time compilation

$ onepage compile

Add a new page

$ onepage addpage <page_name>

You can find all your markdown files in the <your_project_folder>/res/_pages folder

Options for each created page are in it's head section (before //***// mark).

Here you can set:

  • the page title (longer, as it appears in the page title section)
  • the menu title (shorter)
  • hash name - slug
  • menu icon - all you have to do is write the second part (after icon-) of the icon name. The full list of icons: Elusive Icons

Deploy to a remote server

If you are ready to move your files to a server (and you have provided your server data in the configuration file):

$ onepage deploy


You will find a configuration file in your project folder in the res folder.


Color schemes

Set the color scheme in the config.json file. You can add you own color scheme to the <your_project_folder>/res/less/color-themes folder.

CSS styling

You will find all styling files in the <your_project_folder>/res/less folder. If in watch mode (cli command onepage watch) all changes are applied as you save the less file.

Jade templates customization

All your templates are in <your_project_folder>/res/templates folder.

Example Site