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banished? productions is an avant-pop performance company that generates immersive interdisciplinary art experiences for all, to re-create wonder and re-awaken the senses. It is committed to producing quality work that cull from multiple artistic expressions, particularly in performative or theatrical experiments that play with text and form. banished? strives to inspire and collaborate with other artists in order to fuel its own artistic process: re-discovering and re-inventing the art of narration.

Content Management


  • /series
  • /shows: add a new show under its respective series
  • /instructions: If a show has instructions, create a post in this folder. Title of instructions should include the name of the show. For example, is the instruction of
  • Ongoing shows only /current: For content such as ticket information. same naming schema as posts in /instructions.
  • Archived shows only /archive: For content such as press and reviews. same naming schema as posts in /instructions.


  • /featured: Archive of the featured events/announments. You can keep the only posts and create new ones with the current date. Only post with the most recent date will appear on the site.


  • /about: You can edit the text content and the map in Photo content is managed through flickr.

Manage Flickr photo metadata

Proper title, description and tagging in flickr will ensure the photos appear on the about page with no frills. All the photos should be uploaded in the photoset Banished Treehouse. Here's what you need to do as you add a new person to the set:

  • title: Name of the person
  • description: Short bio
  • tag: engineer, collaborater, or treehouse. Proper tagging will place the egg in the right bucket :)

Manage long bios

Long bio pdfs should be kept in the Dropbox public folder. Once a pdf is in the folder, right click on the file and choose "Copy Public Link".

Then in the description field in Flickr. Add a line of html that adds an anchor in the description. Below is an example for Renee's description:

(Associate Artistic Director, Producer) Producer, director, composer, and coffee lover.
<a href='paste_the_link_here'>See Renee's full Bio</a>

Once you completed the edit in flickr, you should see the link appearing on the website.