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## 0.7.3.pre1 / 2014-08-20
This release includes compatibility fixes for different ruby versions
and some minor enhancements.
* C Extensions are only compiled on MRI 1.9.x.
For MRI >= 2 the native API is used, so this should speedup
For JRuby this will avoid crashes on gem installation.
This was alredy being checked for Rubinius.
*Amadeus Folego*
* Added experimental JRuby support for 1.7.x series.
Only the main API is implemented and `Binding#eval` is
monkey-patched as it is private on JRuby.
This requires the compiler to be run on interpreted mode,
otherwise an exception will be thrown when `of_caller` is called.
*Charles Nutter*
* Remove executability from non-executable files.
*David Celis*
* Test and notice MRI 2.1 as a working Ruby implementation.
*Lennart Fridén*
## 0.7.2 / 2013-06-07