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* include method visiblity in show-doc and stat output
* tempfile should end in .rb (for edit -t)
* ls output should not be in array format
* exceptions should allow access to previous items in the backtrace
* input should allow multiple objects which are switched to automatically when EOF is reached on the preceding one
* pry -r should happen in pry
* more plugin-related commands in pry - see installed ones, see activated ones, see available on rubygems
* should also allow plugins be explicitly activated as a command line option
* should not raise if plugin activation fails (should show warning instead)
* more documentation on CommandContext, etc and also command helpers
* fix history saving (should not save all of Readline::HISTORY, but only what changed)
* prevent blank lines going to Readline::HISTORY
* ensure that cat --ex emulates the `whereami` format - includes line numbers and formatted the same, etc
* rename inp and out to _inp_ and _out_ otherwise than can overwrite locals by those names when debugging (not good)
* add source file to stat command
* make plugins use hash instead of array
* ensure edit -t has 'edit' alias (no parameters) and dumps eval_string into buffer
* whitelist exceptions
* hooks system
* jruby shell command support
* hist command now excludes last line of input (the command invocation itself)
* hist now has `history` alias
* `pry -r` requires now happen after plugin loading (so as not to interfere with
* new Pry.config.disable_auto_reload option, for turning off auto reloading by edit-method and related
* add better error messages for `cd` command
* add command_prefix
* change some command names to include hyphen, e.g version => pry-version, install => install-command
* do cat --ex and edit --ex
* add reload-method
* fixed exotic object regression - etc now return "=> unknown"
* converted: import => import-set, version => pry-version, install => install-command
* fix show-doc bug for ruby 1.8 and Kernel.fork
* edit -t (opens a temporary file and evals it in current context when closed)
Major features
* Restructure command system and helpers (almost complete)
* Delete unnecessary commands, add a couple of new ones (e.g amend-line)
* Readline history
* Plugin support
* Support Rubinius core methods
* in[] and out[] arrays
* Improve test coverage (test some commands, etc)
Minor changes
* improve edit-method support for various editors
* ensure all commands have appropriate error handing and informative error messages
* show-doc should include signature of method
* multi-line readline support
* allow #{} interpolation of all commands
* update documentation! new commands and features and change in behaviour of `run`
* add ; at end of line to suppress return value output
* Remove message spam (before/after hooks)
* stop commands returning a value
* use `redo` in the r() method when encounter a command
* shell functionality should just use system(), but redirect in and
out to Pry.input and Pry.output by reassining $stdin and $stdout
for duration of block.
* basicobject and no to_s/inspect support
* fix documentation, support rdoc and yard properly
* only load Ripper if 1.9 AND MRI (support jruby 1.9, using
* shell commands invokable file .<command>
* supercharge cat-file so it can syntax highlight sourcecode files
* add pry-doc support with syntax highlighting for docs
* add 'mj' option to ls (restrict to singleton methods)
* add _ex_ local to hold last exception raised in an exception
* add whereami command, a la the `ir_b` gem
* make .pryrc be loaded by run-time pry sessions
* color support
* --simple-prompt for pry commandline
* -I mode for pry commandline
* --color mode for pry commandline
* clean up requires (put them all in one place)
* simple-prompt command and toggle-color commandd.
* !@ command alias for exit_all
* `cd /` for breaking out to pry top level (jump-to 0)
* made `-e` option work in a more effective way for `pry` command line invocation
* exit and exit-all commands now accept a parameter, this parameter becomes the return value of repl()
* `command` method from CommandBase now accepts a :keep_retval arg that determines if command value is returned to pry session or just `nil` (`nil` was old behaviour)
* tests for new :keep_retval and exit-all/exit behaviour; :keep_retval will remain undocumented.
0.5.0 release:
* Use clipped version of Pry.view() for large objects
* Exit Pry session on ^d
* Use Shellwords for breaking up parameters to pry commands
* Use OptionParser to parse options for default pry commands
* Add version command
* Refactor 'status' command: add current method info
* Add meth_name_from_binding utility lambda to commands.rb
* Add -M, -m, -v(erbose), -a(ll), -s(uper), -l(ocals), -i(ivars), -k(klass vars) options to ls
* add -i(nstance) option to show-method
* add --help option to most commands
* Get rid of ls_method and ls_imethods (subsumed by more powerful ls)
* Get rid of show_idoc and show_imethod
* Add special eval-file command that evals target file in current context