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*29/6/14 version 0.4.4.pre
* added support for Ruby 2.1.x
* pushing test gem
*22/2/11 version 0.3.5
* added :source, :dest, :source_with_alpha, :dest_with_alpha options to
* added live.rb (repl image editor)
* added alone.rb (run texplay image manip independent from gosu)
*1/11/10 version 0.3.0
* pushed gems
* tested
version 0.2.983pre2
* added Window#to_texture(...) seems to be broken! releasing pre2 so
* others can test it :)
version 0.2.983pre1
* added Window#to_blob(x,y,width,height), grab a screenshot region
version 0.2.982pre1
* added :default drawing mode (equivalent to :mode => nil)
* changed Linux texture size to 512
version 0.2.981
* oops, added :caching => false to TexPlay#dup
* oops, put 'self' inside the capture block for TexPlay#clear
* got rid of tolerance member from rgba struct, as tolerance is now stored
version 0.2.980
* added :caching option to TexPlay.set_options, and For
control over whether images are cached or not. (accepts true and
false values)
* TexPlay.create_image() no longer calls refresh_cache
* added new TexPlay#clear() method, just draws a filled rect over image.
version 0.2.975
* fixed :tolerance bug (was in special_cmp_color_with_tolerance, was checking color1.alpha <= tolerance instead of color2.alpha <= tolerance)
* modified TexPlay.create_image() so it only draws a colored, filled rect if a :color parameter is specified
version 0.2.970
* fixed :transparent bug (bug was in rb_convert_rb_color_to_rgba(), :transparent was being matched as
* limited not_a_color() to match just == -1 && == -1, etc rather than < 0
* Now we can use negative values to define other pseudo-colors (in similar vein to :transparent)
version 0.2.965
* fixed MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE at 1024 for linux (to avoid segfault)
version 0.2.960
* added :transparent pseudo-color
* added :tolerance option (applies to :trace and :source_select etc
* fixed memleak in to_blob
version 0.2.950
* fixed bug in apply_drawing_mode, wasn't using blended_pixel as source_pixel
* hex literal colors now accepted, e.g 0xffff0000 (red)
version 0.2.940
* hopefully fixed :trace behaviour. Should now return nil for color when
pixel out of bounds.
version 0.2.930
* not_a_color now returns true when color channel < 0
version 0.2.920
* :trace now supports :color_mode => :gosu
version 0.2.910
* 1.8.7 incompatibility fixed
version 0.2.900
* added source_select, source_ignore, dest_select, dest_ignore
* :chroma_key now deprecated (by above functionality)
* using Gosu::MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE, hopefully fixes crashes on some linux
* Gosu::Color objects now accepted (and optionally returned by get_pixel)
* Monkey patched Gosu::Image.from_text() for auto-caching
* bitwise drawing modes no longer affect alpha
* rows and columns methods added to Gosu::Image, allowed Gosu::Image to be
reopened by (works with Gosu::Image#to_blob)
version 0.2.800
* added 28 drawing modes (using :mode option)
* added linear interpolation (:lerp)
* added 'trace' option to line for efficient pixel-based collision detection
version 0.2.721
* fixed bug in alpha_blend (now blends alpha channels too)
version 0.2.710
* fixed bug in line drawing code (wasn't drawing final pixel)
* fixed bug in filled rect code (wasn't drawing final row)
* fixed bug in flood fill (wasn't drawing on first column)
* added glDisable(GL_TEXTURE_2D) calls to cache.c, and removed 'restore previous texture binding' (i doubt there is any previous binding to restore)
* using version.rb to help manage versions
* fixed bug in texplay.rb. Replaced TexPlay::TP_MAX_QUAD_SIZE - 2 with
just TexPlay::TP_MAX_QUAD_SIZE (the -2 is now built into the constant)
version 0.2.700
* removed memory leak from Gosu::Image#to_blob, now writing directly to RSTRING_PTR
version 0.2.666
* added Gosu::Image#to_blob
* to_blob functionality enables Gosu::Images to work with DevIL library
version 0.2.5
* fixed quad_draw flicker bug
* added splice_and_scale (to texplay-contrib.rb)
* now using rake-compiler to run build process
version 0.2.4
* added lsystem
* made lsystem both 1.9.1 and 1.8.6 compatible
version 0.2.3
* added Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility by modifying extconf.rb to define RUBY_19 macro
* and modified compat.h to get rid of feature test (fails on 1.8.7)
version 0.2.2
* fixed color_control bug, action_struct->color was being overwritten (now using a temp).
* fixed faulty error msg where max tex size was being displayed as 1024 but is actually 1022
* added :start_angle parameter to ngon action
* fixed example screen height from 769 to 768
* arity of -1 and 0 now supported for color_control procs
* fixed parameter checks for circle and ngon
* updated documentation to reflect changes, and added details on caching
version 0.2.1
* releasing a gem for TexPlay
* bumped version number so can add add gosu 0.7.14 dependency to github gem
* hopefully gem works on both github and rubyforge
version 0.2.0
* added each iterator
* added alternative to proc for :color_control proc (allowing static linear transforms to pixels)
* no longer segfaulting on windows (no idea why not)
* rewrote EmptyImageStub in ruby, using philomory's code. now alot faster.
* implemented 'shadow' in terms of static :color_control pixel transform
* added more example code demonstrating each iterator (example_each.rb) and new color_control behaviour
i.e example_color_transform.rb
* should be relatively stable now!
version (still BETA)
* experimental features: Gosu::Image#dup and Gosu::Image#clone
* also TexPlay::create_blank_image(window, width, height)
* I noticed these features SEG FAULT on my setup in windows, so be warned
* This is a BETA release
version (BETA)
* major rewrite. TP now supports beziers, polylines, polygons, and more
* also supports alpha_blending (though still tempermental)
* This is a BETA release
* fixed another subtle bug in constrain_local_boundaries(). Function was
unable to deal with drawing actions that were 100% outside the image
version 0.1.6
* gen_eval now working as a replacement for instance_eval in the #paint block. Allows for more user-friendly interface.
* #paint can now be called without a block; if invoked this way it executes any commands in the action queue, e.g 20, 20, 40
@img.pixel 30, 30
* above will function as if: @img.paint { circle 20, 20, 40; pixel 30, 30 }
* collected 1.8.6/1.9.1 compatibility into compat.h
* allowed arity of 0 (as well as -1) for ruby 1.9 compatibility
* major bugfix with TexPlay#splice method (segfaut). Also added new color format parameter: color [1, 1, 0, 1] (e.g purple with full alpha).
Also fixed subtle edge-case bug in constrain_local_boundaries().
version 0.1.4
* improved error checking. should work better with later gosu releases
version 0.1.1
* rerelease of this version fixing the oversized image bug for refresh_cache (i.e images over 500 x 500
version 0.1.1
* oops, bug in leftshift/rightshift functions, fixed!
version 0.1.0
* release!