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an image manipulation tool for ruby and gosu


TexPlay version 0.4.3

Read The Documentation

Gem installation:

  • sudo gem install texplay

How to build the gems? (maintainers only)

  • Install rake-compiler (

  • Install 1.9.1 and 1.8.6 mingw ruby versions (instructions above)

  • Type (on Linux/OSX to build fat Win32 binary): rake cross native gem RUBY_CC_VERSION=1.8.6:1.9.1

  • Upload new gems to rubyforge and gemcutter.

How to build from source?

  • rake compile


  • rake19 compile (assuming this is the name of your 1.9.1 version of rake)

NB: be sure to run the version of rake that corresponds to the ruby version you wish to use! on my system I use rake19 for ruby 1.9.1!

If all goes well, run the example programs:

  • cd examples

  • ruby example_melt.rb

  • ruby example_simple.rb

  • ..etc

  • like any gosu application, must be in the current directory (or the gosu gem installed) when running the examples.

Third party

  • (Windows only) Freeglut [Freeglut Copyright]