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Python Riemann client.
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A simple Python client for Riemann. Usage:

import bernhard

c = bernhard.Client()
c.send({'host': '', 'service': 'myservice', 'metric': 12})
q = c.query('true')

Bernhard supports custom attributes with the syntax:

import bernhard

c = bernhard.Client()

c.send({'host': '', 'attributes': {'sky': 'sunny', 'sea': 'agitated'}})

Querying the index is as easy as:

import bernhard

c = bernhard.Client()
q = c.query('true')
for e in q:
    print "Host:",, "State:", e.state


pip install bernhard

You may encounter issues with the protobuf dependency; if so, just run pip install protobuf manually, then pip install bernhard.

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