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commit 743f80bf670752def6d18aa56fe45752de603540 1 parent e91f435
@dcrosta dcrosta authored
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  1. +3 −4 public/js/mongo.js
7 public/js/mongo.js
@@ -436,10 +436,9 @@ MongoHandler.prototype = {
PTAG("Best thing is to go to the <a target='_blank' href=''>downloads page</a> or to <a target='_blank' href=''></a> to check out the docs.") +
PTAG("(You can also keep fiddling around here, but you'll be a bit limited.)") +
BR() +
- PTAG("You can also sign up for a chance to win a MongoDB t-shirt, mug,") +
- PTAG("or other cool prize. But first a little challenge: enter your e-mail") +
- PTAG("address, first, and last name into the 'email' collection, using fields") +
- PTAG("'email', 'first_name', and 'last_name'.");
+ PTAG("You can also sign up for a chance to win a MongoDB t-shirt or mug. But first") +
+ PTAG("a little challenge: enter your e-mail address, first, and last name into the") +
+ PTAG("'email' collection, using fields 'email', 'first_name', and 'last_name'.");
_iterate: function() {
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