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#!/usr/bin/env python
import angr
proj = angr.Project('./obfusc8_much')
# This will house our stack variable address later
failed_addr = None
# Custom avoid lambda
def avoid(s):
global failed_addr
# Haven't found the stack address yet
if failed_addr == None:
return False
# Avoid states we cannot satisfy (i.e.: they have already set failed_addr to true)
if not s.satisfiable(extra_constraints=(s.mem[failed_addr].dword.resolved == 0,)):
print("Pruning state at: {}".format(s.ip))
return True
return False
# We simply use this hook to grab the stack address for our fail location
def assert_dont_fail(s):
global failed_addr
failed_addr = s.regs.rbp-0x14
# Where we saw the printf call in the binary
printf_call = 0x005c2ad8
# Creating our base state with unicorn (for speed).
state = proj.factory.entry_state(add_options=angr.options.unicorn)
# Manually increasing our symbolic bytes size as the flag is longer than angr normally allows
state.libc.buf_symbolic_bytes = 100
# To save memory, automatically drop any path we avoided
simgr = proj.factory.simgr(state, auto_drop=set(['avoid']))
# To save memory, using Spiller technique
# For peace of mind, adding MemoryWatcher to stop us if we're about to run out of space
# Run it!
simgr.explore(find=printf_call, avoid=avoid)
# Print the flag
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