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and install.
-2. Run 'Toggle AndroidProguardScala Nature' by right-clicking on your Android project.
+2. Open your Android project. Right-click on your Android project and choose "Add AndroidProguardScala Nature."
-3. Observe that the directories 'proguard_cache' and 'proguard_cache_conf' are created.
+3. After a build, notice that the directories 'proguard_cache' and 'proguard_cache_conf' are created.
proguard_cache contains the cached libraries and the files used to figure out which cached library to use (including whether or
not a new library needs to be generated.
proguard_cache_conf contains the generated proguard configuration files. You should be able to use
proguard_postprocessesd.conf as a config file outside of this tool.
-4. The builder should create 'lib/scala-library.min.jar'. Add that to your classpath.
* Get a copy of the Eclipse PDE - Plugin Development Environment version.

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