Simple rakefile to compile fsharp binaries intended for MonoTouch
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NOTE: This is very much a work-in-progress.  Think of it as a sample for your own rakefile.

To use this rakefile:

* Put it in the root directory of your MonoTouch project.
* Try it from a command line.   There's nothing special about running it inside MonoDevelop.
* In MonoDevelop, bring up the project options for your project (right-click on the project file, choose 'options')
* Choose General > Custom Commands
* Add a 'before build' step
* Figure out the right values for FSHARP_PROJECT, FSHARP_EXE, FSHARP_DLL, and MONO
* In the 'command' field, enter the rake command:

rake default FSHARP_PROJECT=/Users/jamesmoore/dev/deleteme1/Library1/Library1/MonoTouchTest.fsproj FSHARP_COMPILER_EXE=/Users/jamesmoore/dev/FSharp- FSHARP_DLL=fsharp.dll 

If you use multiple ruby environments, you'll probably need to do what I do, and specify both the ruby and rake binaries:

/opt/local/bin/ruby /opt/local/bin/rake FSHARP_PROJECT=/Users/jamesmoore/dev/FSharpEvents/FSharpEvents/FSharpEvents.fsproj FSHARP_COMPILER_EXE=/Users/jamesmoore/dev/FSharp- FSHARP_DLL=fsharp.dll

This sample is for a VS project in /Users/jamesmoore/dev/deleteme1/Library1 and a compiler in
/Users/jamesmoore/dev/FSharp- - you'll need to change it to reflect your own locations.