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HDR Toolbox for processing High Dynamic Range (HDR) images into MATLAB and Octave
Matlab C++
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HDR Toolbox

HDR Toolbox is a MATLAB/Octave toolbox for processing High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.

Author: Francesco Banterle

License: This software is distributed under GPL v3 license (see license.txt)

Year: Fall 2010-2016

Title: HDR Toolbox for Matlab

Version: 1.1.0





1) Unzip the file in a FOLDER on your PC/MAC

2) Run Matlab

3) Set the FOLDER as current directory

4) Write the command installHDRToolbox in the Command Window, and wait for the installation process to end.


The majority of TMOs return tone mapped images with linear values. This means that gamma encoding needs to be applied to the output of these TMOs before visualization or before writing tone mapped images on the disk; otherwise these images may appear dark. A few operators (e.g. Mertens et al.'s operator) return gamma encoded values, so there is no need to apply gamma to them; in this case a message (e.g. a Warning) is displayed after tone mapping alerting that there is no need of gamma encoding.


Please reference the book in your work or papers if you use this toolbox:


author = {Banterle, Francesco and Artusi, Alessandro and Debattista, Kurt and Chalmers, Alan},

title = {Advanced High Dynamic Range Imaging: Theory and Practice},

year = {2011},

isbn = {9781568817194},

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