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Go bindings for SDL
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Go-SDL provides bindings for the SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf libraries.



To install all of the relevant libraries, use the following:

go get
go get
go get
go get

If you don't have write permission for GOPATH/GOROOT, you may need to run the previous command as root. If you get errors while trying to run it using sudo, it's possible that the GOROOT/GOOS/GOARCH/GOBIN variables are not available to the make command. You can try using '-E' to preserve the environment:

sudo -E go get
sudo -E go get
sudo -E go get
sudo -E go get

It's also possible to install just using make:

make install


sudo -E make install


To import, use the following:

import ""

Replace the final 'sdl' with the library that you want to import.


  • banthar
  • Kevin MacLeod (mixer test music)
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