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  1. +4 −0 glu.go
4 glu.go
@@ -76,4 +76,8 @@ func Sphere(q unsafe.Pointer, radius float32, slices, stacks int) {
func Cylinder(q unsafe.Pointer, base, top, height float32, slices, stacks int) {
C.gluCylinder((*[0]byte)(q), C.GLdouble(base), C.GLdouble(top), C.GLdouble(height), C.GLint(slices), C.GLint(stacks))
+func Disk(q unsafe.Pointer, inner, outer float32, slices, loops int) {
+ C.gluDisk((*[0]byte)(q), C.GLdouble(inner), C.GLdouble(outer), C.GLint(slices), C.GLint(loops))

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