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Jenkins ci skip plugin

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Skip making a build for certain push. Just add [ci skip] into your commit's message to let Jenkins know, that you do not want to perform build for the next push.

Full example:

$ git commit -m 'documentation update [ci skip]'

It is very useful when you are working things unrelated to application's code such as README. This feature idea comes from Travis CI.


Install the plugin from the Jenkins Plugin Manager.

Enabling ci-skip

In the job configuration, check Enable ci-skip.

A Screenshot

How it works

Jenkins is based on works by changeset, so if there is changeset from before build and commit includes [ci skip], then build is skipped as NOT_BUILT. If there is no changeset, it will be build.


$ bundle install
$ ./bin/start-jenkins
$ open http://localhost:8080

Run Test

$ bundle exec rake


Version 0.1.0 (Apr 14, 2017)

  • Get working with Mercurial plugin #6

Version 0.0.2 (Dec 24, 2013)

  • Doc, etc...

Version 0.0.1 (Dec 22, 2013)

  • initial release