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CLI for Backyards
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This is a command line interface for Backyards, the Banzai Cloud automated service mesh, built on Istio.


Pre-built binaries are available in multiple package formats. Download the latest release.

Build from source

To build a binary (under build/) from the source code, clone the repo and then run from the root:

$ make build


Quick start

To install Istio, all Backyards components and a demo application on a brand new cluster, you just need to issue one command (KUBECONFIG must be set for your cluster):

$ backyards install -a --run-demo

This command first installs Istio with our open-source Istio operator, then installs Backyards components as well as a demo application for demonstration purposes. After the installation of each component has finished, the Backyards UI will automatically open and send some traffic to the demo application. By issuing this one simple command you can watch as Backyards starts a brand new Istio service mesh in just a few minutes!

Install/Uninstall components

The following components can be installed/uninstalled individually as well with the CLI (the -a flag installs/uninstalls them all):

Handy features

  • Istio can be installed with a customized CR with: backyards istio install -f your_istio_cr.yaml
  • The Backyards UI can be opened with: backyards dashboard
  • You can display a graph with the most important RED metrics of your cluster with: backyards graph
  • Traffic Shifting can be configured
  • Circuit Breaking can be configured

All commands

Install and manage Backyards

  backyards [command]

Available Commands:
  canary       Install and manage Canary feature
  cert-manager Install and manage cert-manager
  dashboard    Open the Backyards dashboard in a web browser
  demoapp      Install and manage demo application
  graph        Show graph
  help         Help about any command
  install      Install Backyards
  istio        Install and manage Istio
  routing      Manage service routing configurations
  uninstall    Uninstall Backyards
  version      Print the client and api version information

      --context string      name of the kubeconfig context to use
  -h, --help                help for backyards
      --interactive         ask questions interactively even if stdin or stdout is non-tty
  -c, --kubeconfig string   path to the kubeconfig file to use for CLI requests
  -n, --namespace string    namespace in which Backyards is installed [$BACKYARDS_NAMESPACE] (default "backyards-system")
      --non-interactive     never ask questions interactively
  -o, --output string       output format (table|yaml|json) (default "table")
  -v, --verbose             turn on debug logging
      --version             version for backyards

Use "backyards [command] --help" for more information about a command.


To remove the demo application, Backyards, and Istio from your cluster, you just need to apply one command, which takes care of removing these components in the correct order:

$ backyards uninstall -a
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