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🗂️ Cloudbite - bite-sized cloud learning

Try it here:

Cloudbite helps you retain knowledge with flashcards and spaced repetition. A detailed explanation about the learning methodology is available on the site (click the "i" link at the top). The flashcard set in this repository is geared for cloud certificate exams, but you could replace the deck of flashcards with any subject you like. Cloudbite is not mobile-responsive, but should be usable with most devices.

📤 Feel free to fork

Cloudbite is implemented as a completely static website. There is no generator, no complex toolchain to set up, no build process, no backend servers, no database. Just open index.html in any modern browser and it works. User data lives in local storage and is never uploaded anywhere.

The code in this repository is MIT licensed, so you are free to use the code. Please note that the deck of flashcards (content) in this repository is not open-source licensed. If you have a legitimate use case for the content, I'm open to republishing, just ask for permission. I didn't slap an open source license on the content, because there is a real risk that someone would simply clone this project with minor changes and scam money out of people who don't realize that the same thing is available for free.

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Cloudbite - Bite-sized cloud learning with spaced repetition







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