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1. HBD.Framework

This is a useful library for .Net developers that is providing various extension methods, adapters and helper classes like caching, encryption, CSV, SQL and files adapters. It will help to develop the application faster.

This library is available for all .Net Framework from 4.5 to Standard 2.0

2. HBD.Framework.Data.Excel

The Excel adapter using OpenXml allow to read data from Excel file to the data table and write a data table back to the excel file easily without Excel application installation needed.

3. HBD.Framework.Security.Azman

This is a wrapper of Azman library allow to communicate with Azman storage easier and faster.

4. HBD.QueryBuilders

This is very old library had been developed when I was in University. Allow to generate and execute an SQL query using object oriented class. At that time Entity Framework is not available yet.