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dysinger commented Mar 7, 2012

"The TLS connection was non-properly terminated." is what is shown almost immediately. I'm using the hosted jira site. I'm able to retrieve the project list just fine. It's only when I go to get items that it fails.


Hi, what is "the hosted jira site"?

Can you try org-jira-get-issues-headonly and see if you can get the headlines of your issues? People has had problem before with a slow network connection, so they can get the list of projects and issues (headline only) just fine, but not all the issues with comments in a single call to org-jira-get-issues. See the closed issue #1 of this project.

If this does not solve it, then I will need more infomation such as your jira version (you can see at the end of your jira webpage), the backtrace when the error occured (you should (setq debug-on-error t) first), and so on.


dysinger commented Mar 9, 2012

Hosted Jira https://my.atlassian.com/ondemand/signup/jira [ powered by Atlassian JIRA (v4.3#614-r144677) ]

org-jira-get-issues-headonly returns just as fast with the TLS error (almost immediately). I can still list the projects just fine.

I turned on (setq debug-on-error t) doesn't output anything. There's no back trace. I just get the TLS message on the messages line and in the messages buffer. :/

Hi, I think I have the same error somewhat... I get some sort of javalang dump, but I don't know where I should go to save it. I am running emacs 24.3 and the hosted JIRA. In my case, I can't do anything (projects, issues, etc...)


Hi, I tried using emacs 24.3 and the hosted JIRA (trial version I just signed up), and can't reproduce it. If you can't save the error log, maybe you can try get a screenshot and attach it here.

Mmm... Sorry, my bad, just realized what happened -- Jiralib is caching the wrong user. Do you know how I can reset it? (already tried jiralib-login but it keeps using the same login email).


Hi, Luisa

IIRC, I did not set my username, instead, I set the url and the host,
and the username is either looked up from ~/.authinfo using the host and
port 80 (this is hardcoded, even https is 443) as keys, or if look up
failed, it will ask on minibuffer.

So please make sure that your jira variables are set up correctly and
you have the right line in .authinfo, like I does:

In .emacs customization:

738: '(jiralib-url "http://bible/jira")

In .authinfo:

machine bible           login   hjbao           password    xxxxxxxx    port    80

I will update the README so that people won't get confused.

Works like a charm! Thank you so much!

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