My customizations of Posix systems (Linux/Cygwin/Darwin).
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System-config is my customizations of Posix systems (Linux/Cygwin/Mac OS X, but mainly Debian Linux or Ubuntu). It aims to reproduce my complete working environment with a single command. I made an introductory video about it on youtube (It’s in Chinese, with English subtitles).


During set-up, system-config will download, install, compile many open source projects that I use frequently.

One of these projects is beagrep. It combines a search engine with grep. It is very useful for reading source code. In fact I use it to read system-config’s own source code (code reading is like solving puzzles, solving puzzles is about looking for answers, and what’s best for looking for answers? Search Engines. Google. Beagrep is a local search engine best tuned for software projects).

How to install

Under Debian Linux or Ubuntu, it’s simple to set up system-config:

git clone ~/system-config &&

You probably need to fix some bugs when running And then, make system-config your own by forking it and customizing it.

On non debian systems, or if you don’t have sudo permission, you can try to use Linuxbrew:

git clone ~/system-config &&
    ~/system-config/bin/ && (
        . ~/.bashrc

How to use

You should be able to use system-config just like using any Linux distribution.

But if you want more power, you can watch the youtube video and try to copy whatever that you like.

(If you are in China, note that the video is also uploaded to bilibili.)

How does it work?

Please refer to my github blog, there are quite some articles about system-config. Most are in Chinese though, sorry😅.

Especially this article: How does it work and how to use it.


System-config started out as a very personal project. If you decided to use it, please do so at your own risk, there is absolutely no warranty of any kind😅.

If you have your own customization, it would be a good idea that you back them up before you try system-config. It’s a good idea that you too put your own customization into a git repo, if you have not done so already.


Bug reports, patches, ideas are welcome.

Or, if you like it, you may also donate some money.

With a paypal account:

Click here to lend your support to: Well done, Mr. Bao Haojun. and
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