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Graph-MP algorithm
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Graph-MP (Graph Matching Pursuit) algorithm maximizes non-linear functions subject to sparsity and connectivity constraints. Detailed information can be found at this link. We already cited the authors of all related open source code. If you use our code, please cite our paper), which was appeared in IJCAI-2016 and cite the papers related with this code. I would like to thank Ludwig Schmidt, a Ph.D. student from MIT. He provided his brilliant fast-pcst(c++) code to me. You can access the fast-pcst(c++) code in the link, or you can use the fast-pcst(Java) code in our Graph-MP package.

Before you go

Before you run this code, make sure you have maven and Java on your machine. I tested all of the code under Linux environment. If you find errors or issues when you used the code on Windows or Mac OS, please let me know. My email is

Dependency Information

Need to be installed:

1. Apache Maven 3.3.x

2. Java 1.8

3. git

How to run the code ?

Step-1: download the code using the following command:

git clone

Step-2: go into the folder path/to/Graph-MP.

cd path/to/Graph-MP

Step-3: compile the code under Java 1.8

mvn compile

Step-4: test sample testing cases

mvn test
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