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🌊 👋 Waving-Z, an ITU G.9959 (de)modulator. Started as a fork of andersesbensen/rtl-zwave it evolved to a state in which not a single line of code is shared anymore :)
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This program is able to encode and decode ITU G.9959 frames (implemented, e.g. by the z-wave home automation protocol) using a RTL-SDR dongle or an HackRF One (or any other radio handling raw IQ files).


 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
 cmake --build .


A cheap RTL SDR radio and/or an HackRF One wit the related software rtl-sdr and/or hackrf packages.

Example command lines for the EU frequency

The tools use the standard input and output to retrieve and generate the data.


Read the docs with:

 $ ./wave-in --help

Receive and decode z-wave packages using rtl_srd and wave-in.

 $ rtl_sdr -f 868420000 -s 2000000 -g 25  - | ./wave-in -u


Read the docs with:

 $ ./wave-out --help

Encode and transmit z-wave packages using wave-out and hackrf_transfer.

 $ #              HomeId      SourceID FrameCtl LEN DestID CommandClass Command
 $ #              +---------+            +----+                           +---+
 $ ./wave-out -p 'd6 b2 62 08       01   41  03  0d     07           25   01 ff' > turn_on_device_7.cs8
 $ #              HomeId      SourceID FrameCtl LEN DestID CommandClass Command
 $ #              +---------+            +----+                           +---+
 $ ./wave-out -p 'd6 b2 62 08       01   41  03  0d     07           25   01 00' > turn_off_device_7.cs8
 $ hackrf_transfer -f 868420000 -s 2000000 -t turn_off_device_7.cs8

Modulator details

The modulator is a simple FSK modulator. The modulator is phase continuous using a simple trick (the sampling rate, baud rate, and separation are in phase).

Demodulator details

The demodulator is based on and consists of an atan demodulator and 2 nested state machines, tqhe first one (sample_sm) converts the samples into symbols and the second one (symbol_sm) the bits into frame information and payload.

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