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- Implements various advisory screens. (cities, wonders, diplomacy etc)
- Make goto lines wrap in X direction of the map.
- Show city revolt graphics
- Show attack animation.
- WebGl?
- Port to Python 3.2
- Show national borders
- Saving in the client side.
- Show city tile output in city dialog.
- Playback of games.
- Test Uglify.js
- Show attack prompts. At the moment, gotos can result in unwanted attacks.
- Show what city is a unit's homecity. Rehome units.
- Show veteran status of units.
- Dissolve cities.
- Statue of liberty doesn't allow all governments.
- Better interface to load units into boats and transports.
- Show more traderoute info in cities.
- "Peace wonders" don't work.
- Paratroopers can't move
- Nukes can't move
- Show citizens in cities (scientists, entertainers, etc)
- Planes goto get blocked by ground units.
- Separate chat box from other messages.
- Nations dialog: Show who we are waiting on.
- Show number of turns a diplomatic agreement will last.
- Pillage doesn't work.
- not able to steal tech with diplomat.
- diplomats inside cities can't see units there.