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# Core module.
# Holds the core application logic and all interactions with JSREPL.
# Emits events so other modules can hook into.
$ = jQuery
$.extend REPLIT,
Init: ->
@jsrepl = new JSREPL {
InputCallback: $.proxy @InputCallback, @
OutputCallback: $.proxy @OutputCallback, @
ResultCallback: $.proxy @ResultCallback, @
ErrorCallback: $.proxy @ErrorCallback, @
LoadProgressCallback: $.proxy @OnProgress, @
# Init console.
@jqconsole = @$consoleContainer.jqconsole '', ' ', '.. '
@$console = @$consoleContainer.find '.jqconsole'
# Init editor.
@$editor = @$editorContainer.find '#editor-widget'
if not @ISMOBILE
@editor = ace.edit 'editor-widget'
@editor.setTheme 'ace/theme/textmate'
@editor.renderer.setHScrollBarAlwaysVisible false
@$ =>
# TODO(max99x): Expose state properly from jqconsole.
if @jqconsole.state is 2 # STATE_PROMPT
@Evaluate REPLIT.editor.getSession().getValue()
@current_lang = null
@current_lang_name = null
@inited = true
# Load a given language by name.
LoadLanguage: (lang_name, callback=$.noop) ->
@$this.trigger 'language_loading', [lang_name]
@current_lang = JSREPL::Languages::[lang_name]
# Hold the name for saving and such.
@current_lang.system_name = lang_name
#Load Ace mode.
if not @ISMOBILE
EditSession = require("ace/edit_session").EditSession
UndoManager = require("ace/undomanager").UndoManager
session = new EditSession ''
session.setUndoManager new UndoManager
ace_mode = @Languages[lang_name].ace_mode
if ace_mode?
$.getScript ace_mode.script, =>
mode = require(ace_mode.module).Mode
session.setMode new mode
@editor.setSession session
textMode = require("ace/mode/text").Mode
session.setMode new textMode
@editor.setSession session
# Empty out the history and prompt.
# Register character matchings in jqconsole for the current language.
for [open, close], index in @current_lang.matchings
@jqconsole.RegisterMatching open, close, 'matching-' + index
# Register shortcuts.
@jqconsole.RegisterShortcut 'Z', =>
@jqconsole.RegisterShortcut 'L', =>
@OpenPage 'languages'
@jqconsole.RegisterShortcut 'E', =>
@OpenPage 'examples'
@jqconsole.RegisterShortcut 'H', =>
@OpenPage 'help'
@jqconsole.RegisterShortcut 'S', =>
# Load the language engine from jsREPL.
@jsrepl.LoadLanguage lang_name, =>
@$this.trigger 'language_loaded', [lang_name]
@jqconsole.Write @Languages[lang_name].header + '\n'
# Receives the result of a command evaluation.
# @arg result: The user-readable string form of the result of an evaluation.
ResultCallback: (result) ->
if result
@jqconsole.Write '=> ' + result, 'result'
@$this.trigger 'result', [result]
# Receives an error message resulting from a command evaluation.
# @arg error: A message describing the error.
ErrorCallback: (error) ->
if typeof error == 'object'
error = error.message
@jqconsole.Write String(error), 'error'
@$this.trigger 'error', [error]
# Receives any output from a language engine. Acts as a low-level output
# stream or port.
# @arg output: The string to output. May contain control characters.
# @arg cls: An optional class for styling the output.
OutputCallback: (output, cls) ->
if output
@jqconsole.Write output, cls
@$this.trigger 'output', [output]
return undefined
# Receives a request for a string input from a language engine. Passes back
# the user's response asynchronously.
# @arg callback: The function called with the string containing the user's
# response.
InputCallback: (callback) ->
@jqconsole.Input (result) =>
callback result
@$this.trigger 'input', [result]
catch e
@ErrorCallback e
@$this.trigger 'input_request', [callback]
return undefined
Evaluate: (command) ->
if command
@jsrepl.Evaluate command
@$this.trigger 'eval', [command]
# Shows a command prompt in the console and waits for input.
StartPrompt: ->
line_checker = $.proxy(@jsrepl.CheckLineEnd, @jsrepl)
@jqconsole.Prompt true, $.proxy(@Evaluate, @), line_checker
$ ->