ESP31 (ESP32 Beta) Websocket LCD bridge (Merry Christmas)
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What is this?

This is a simple program that receives data from WebSocket and dump them onto an LCD screen. It uses the Espressif ESP31 (ESP32 Beta) module.

Hardware Wiring

An 128x160 TFT panel based on ILI9163 is needed. It probably works for ST7735 panels but the initial sequence may need change. Wiring from the TFT panel to ESP31 as follows: A0 - GPIO17 Reset - GPIO18 #CS - GPIO19 CLK - GPIO20 SDI - GPIO21

Software setup

ESP32_RTOS_SDK ( is used. The steps to setup development environment is fully detailed in SDK README.


This program uses LCD codes from Sprite_tm's ESP31-SMSEMU The WebSocket server is based on Putilov Andrey 's CWebsocket Both are licensed under MIT license, so does mine.