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ChatEngine is a Rails 3 Engine created to give web applications an easy to use chat system.


The aim of this project is to make adding a chat engine to a Rails application quick and easy.


gem install chat-engine

rails g chat_engine:install rails g chat_engine:assets

ChatEngine uses pusher to handle asychronous messaging. We have added a the necessary initializer for you to easily setup Pusher.

Locate chat_engine.rb in your initializer folder and change the following to your Pusher credentials.

Pusher.app_id = 'APP ID' Pusher.key = 'KEY' Pusher.secret = 'PASS'

You are now ready to go!

Basic features

  • Users able to select colours for their messages

  • Asynchronous chat messaging

Future Features

  • Guest users able to add comments

  • Chat modules can be stacked to enhance the chats functionality

  • Easy to use admin panel for managing chat functionality

  • Easy to use admin panel for managing features available to users

  • Manage multiple chatrooms

This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.

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