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Dotfile Diaries

A day by day diary of my meanderings with my dotfiles.

The idea here is to document the changes I make to my dotfiles on a daily basis to help me tweak my productivity whilst working in the terminal.

This will be an on going process and will help me keep track of the things I have learnt and as well as how I have improved my console fu over the course of time.

There is no end to this diary, there is no real end to this diary so the size of it may well become quite substantial. I’m not sure what I’ll do in that regard and will shelve that decision for when I have gone over 90 days or so.

This diary, although written in that way, will not actually be a daily account of what I have done but based on the collective days I have spent focusing on tweaking my workflow.

The notes in the appendix will gradually be rewritten as entries or moved into the specific entry when neccessary. So over time the entries may well be tweak for readability and clarity sake.

Other are more than welcome to add notes and tips to my diary and they can request entries theirselves (as paying customers).