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-This Book
+== Dotfile Diaries
-This book is written using using the git-scribe toolchain, which can be found at:
+A day by day diary of my meanderings with my dotfiles.
+The idea here is to document the changes I make to my dotfiles on a
+daily basis to help me tweak my productivity whilst working in the
-Instructions on how to install the tool and use it for things like editing this book,
-submitting errata and providing translations can be found at that site.
-== The first chapter
-This is where the first chapter of the book might go. Each chapter
-will be under a seperate heading like that. Images can be embedded
-in the book like this:
-=== Subsection one
-You can even do subsections of each chapter.
-==== Sub-sub section
-And sub-sub-sections of each chapter.
-You can also do tips and warning boxes and such like this:
-TIP: Tip.
-IMPORTANT: This is important.
-WARNING: This is a warning.
-CAUTION: Tread lightly.
-If you need to embed source code, you can do so from external files
-like this:
-=== Source Code Highlighting
-Or you can put the code directly in the file, like this.
-if n < 0: print 'Hello World!'

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