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Setup of my whole console workspace
Ruby Shell Python
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Update my vim settings

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Yomi Colledge authored
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.fonts Add new font. This is the one I am currently using
.newsbeuter Make it possible to download and play audio
.tmuxinator Use htop
.w3m Add config for w3m
bin Update comments for git-module-list
colors Update my colour settings
dotirssi @ 48a7255 Update dotirssi
dotmutt @ 69eb823 Update my dotmutt files
dotvim @ 8066873 Update my vim settings
oh-my-zsh @ 192de6b Update oh-my-zsh
skel Update rails and ruby project configuration files
tmuxfiles @ e640180 Update tmux
.agile_ruby_workflow.zsh Removing the functions relating to guard and autotest as we don't act…
.bash_login Update path to include rvm
.bashrc Update path to include rvm
.ctags Add ctags for cucumber
.dir_colors Add dir_colors and make sure they are loaded when zsh is started
.editorconfig add .editorconfig and update dotvim with the editorconfig plugin
.fetchmailrc Add a new account
.gemrc Adding .gemrc
.gitconfig Add lg to display git logs
.gitignore Update ignore list
.gitmodules Use the original version of oh-my-zsh from now on
.irssi Add symlink to dotirssi
.mutt Add symlinks for mutt
.muttrc Add symlinks for mutt
.oh-my-zsh Changing to symlink
.procmailrc Update recipes
.pryrc Set my pry editor to vim
.rspec Adding basic rspec config
.tmux-powerlinerc Add link to tmuxfiles/tmux-powerlinerc to ~/.tmux-powerlinerc
.tmux.conf Move tmux related settings into tmuxfiles
.vim Added symlinks for vim
.vimrc Added symlinks for vim
.zprofile Update path to include rvm
.zsh-update initial commit using zsh
.zshenv Update RVM config
.zshrc Make sure RVM is loaded properly in zsh
Gemfile No longer need braid
ackrc Add basic ackrc


This is a working progress which includes my personal development settings




git init git add remote origin git:// git pull && git submodule init && git submodule update && git submodule status

What's included

  • My own theme and custom aliases to help me to get into projects with as little ceremony as possible
  • Colourised git output
  • Customised commands (see bin directory for more information)
  • Customised Vim settings (my own concoction)

Things to do

  • Easily create projects
  • VIM should show all files by default
  • Easily see branch and directory information
  • Easy deployment of projects
  • Create script to setup RVM and bundler
  • display number of jobs in prompt

  • Create separate branches for OS dependent settings

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