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Setup of my whole console workspace
Ruby Shell Python
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.fonts Add new font. This is the one I am currently using
.newsbeuter Make it possible to download and play audio
.themes dircolors now being dealt with separately
.tmuxinator Use htop
.w3m Add config for w3m
bin Update comments for git-module-list
colors Add solarized light theme for iterm2
dotirssi @ 48a7255 Update dotirssi
dotmutt @ 69eb823 Update my dotmutt files
dotvim @ 962d181 Update dotvim
oh-my-zsh @ eafd5f3 Update oh-my-zsh
skel Update rails and ruby project configuration files
tmuxfiles @ dbfc6a6 Update tmuxfiles
.agile_ruby_workflow.zsh Removing the functions relating to guard and autotest as we don't act…
.bash_login Update path to include rvm
.bashrc Update path to include rvm
.ctags Resolve ctags warnings
.dir_colors Add dir_colors and make sure they are loaded when zsh is started
.fetchmailrc Add a new account
.gemrc Adding .gemrc
.gitconfig Add lg to display git logs
.gitignore Update ignore list
.gitmodules Use the original version of oh-my-zsh from now on
.irssi Add symlink to dotirssi
.mutt Add symlinks for mutt
.muttrc Add symlinks for mutt
.oh-my-zsh Changing to symlink
.procmailrc Update recipes
.pryrc Set my pry editor to vim
.railsrc Updating railsrc
.rspec Adding basic rspec config
.tmux-powerlinerc Add link to tmuxfiles/tmux-powerlinerc to ~/.tmux-powerlinerc
.tmux.conf Move tmux related settings into tmuxfiles
.vim Added symlinks for vim
.vimrc Added symlinks for vim
.zprofile Update path to include rvm
.zsh-update initial commit using zsh
.zshrc Make sure RVM is loaded properly in zsh
Gemfile No longer need braid
README.markdown Setup tmux and vim powerline properly
ackrc Add basic ackrc


This is a working progress which includes my personal development settings




git init git add remote origin git:// git pull && git submodule init && git submodule update && git submodule status

What's included

  • My own theme and custom aliases to help me to get into projects with as little ceremony as possible
  • Colourised git output
  • Customised commands (see bin directory for more information)
  • Customised Vim settings (my own concoction)

Things to do

  • Easily create projects
  • VIM should show all files by default
  • Easily see branch and directory information
  • Easy deployment of projects
  • Create script to setup RVM and bundler
  • display number of jobs in prompt

  • Create separate branches for OS dependent settings

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