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A suite of plugins for AMFPHP.
PHP ActionScript
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This package contains several plugins for AMFPHP. Each plugin has its own README and documentation file that should be checked.

For ant help or feature request, please use the forum :

Below is a summary of the available plugins :

* FPCWordPress : a plugin to query WordPress from Flex. It includes a AS3 implementation
                 to simplify the query from the client side

* FPCAuthentication : a plugin to ease the authentication of clients. This plugin includes an AS3
                      implementation to simplify the authentication process on the client side.

* ServiceAccess : a plugin to secure access to PHP services easily. By default, use the authentication result of
                  the FPCAuthentication plugin to make things even easier

* ServicePropertySetter : a plugin to centralize the setting of shared properties between services.

* FPCCustomClassConverter : a plugin that improves the way AMFPHP translates Flex to/from PHP classes.

* TransactionManager : a plugin to handle Db transactions
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