Our entry for the 2012 indie Speedrun Gamejam
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Our entry for the 2012 indie Speedrun Gamejam

This Game mas Made by Christopher Barakian: Gameplay Programing Bryan Edelman: Gameplay Design & Art Dennis McGrogan: Level Design & Programming Ali Timnak: UI System

Our Theme for this game was Idolatry and we were also tasked with incorperating the element umbrella into the game. In Sunblocked you play a character who is constantly being assaulted by the sun's harsh rays. You must stay in the shade to keep from burning up and avoid the super tanned beach jocks to make it to the safety of the beach house. You can check out a playable version of this project at http://www.escapistmagazine.com/content/indie-speed-run/?game=119. This game was built to run on Windows