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jQuery Select All

SelectAll will keep track of a set of checkboxes that you pass in. The option selector allSelector will allow you to specify a checkbox that will check/uncheck all checkboxes passed in.


Default constructor: $("input[name='meeting_id']").selectall();

With optional allSelector: $("input[name='meeting_id']").selectall({allSelector: '#select-all-meetings'});


Call methods using: $("input[name='meeting_id']").data('selectall').METHODNAME();

  • append: Accepts an ID and will push ID into array
  • search: Returns the index of the value in the array or -1 if the value is not found
  • removeID: Accepts an ID and will remove this ID from the array
  • removeIndex: Accepts an Index and removes the index from arary
  • getList: Returns the array