Archetype for a Maven project that can be used as a start point to develop tests in Java with WebDriver and TestNG
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WebDriver TestNG Archetype

This archetype generates a new Maven project that can be used as a start point to develop tests in Java with Selenium WebDriver and TestNG.

To create a project from this archetype:

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=ru.stqa.selenium -DarchetypeArtifactId=webdriver-testng-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=4.3 -DgroupId=<mygroupId> -DartifactId=<myartifactId>

where mygroupId is a group id of the project you are creating, and myartifactId is an artifact id of the project you are creating.

Project Structure

The project follows the standard Maven structure, so all the tests go in the src/test/java folder. Tests should inherit from the TestNgTestBase class that performs common setup and teardown tasks. This class uses WebDriverFactory to manage drivers.

SampleTestNgTest class (in src/test/java) is an example of a test class for testing the homepage of a web application. In the setup method of this class, the PageFactory class is used to help supporting the PageObjects pattern.

Project Configuration

The project uses Maven profiles to set configuration parameters. There are three profile groups: 1) to specify a browser, 2) to specify the target application properties, 3) to specify Selenium Grid location.

For example, to run tests in Chrome on the localhost without grid use this profile set:

mvn -P chrome,localhost,nogrid test

Default profile set is firefox,localhost,nogrid

The target application URL and the grid location should be specifies in the pom.xml file in the corresponding profiles.

Driver capabilities can be tuned in the files src/test/resources/*.capabilities.