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Releases: baraverkstad/rapidcontext

Version 2023.06.1

04 Sep 17:20
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This is bug fix release:

  • Fixed admin app connection deletion
    This incorrectly wrote an empty file instead of deleting the connection.
  • Increased max wait time to acquire a connection
    Changed from 500 ms to 5 seconds.
  • Added Session.setDestroyTime(..) API
    This API allows for simple changes to the session length.

Read the full changelog for additional details.

Version 2023.06

30 Jun 05:01
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  • Support for loading apps as ESM (beta)
    It is now possible to load apps as ES modules (ESM) by using a module resource type. This is also the default type for any *.mjs files found.
  • Updated Cache-Control and ETag response headers
    The default caching of responses now permits 24 hour private caches, but uses new resource URLs to allow cache-busting to work properly.
  • Added new RapidContext.UI.Msg module
    This module provides default message dialogs that can be used in a any app.
  • Improved TableColumn widget with a cellStyle attribute
    This allows some simple formatting to be made in pure CSS, without a custom renderer.
  • New warning and success color schemes
    The <Button> and <Dialog> widget both support these new styles, along with danger and info.
  • Added automatic session check every hour
    Each browser tab will now run a session check every hour and provide an error if the user is logged out.
  • Security: Removed default anonymous access to start and help apps
    The default permissions have been changed to require a login for all built-in apps.
  • HTTP: Optional connection validation
    It is now possible to validate HTTP connections using an optional HTTP OPTIONS call.
  • Deprecation warnings
    Any reference to a deprecated procedure type or procedure will now log a warning message. Same with several deprecated properties and similar elsewhere.

Read the full changelog for additional details.

Version 2023.02

07 Feb 22:23
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  • Procedure types are now storage types
    All built-in procedure types are now normal storage types, so no special Java code is needed for registration or similar. A simple type/procedure/*** file is needed.
  • New locations for all system procedures
    All system procedures have been renamed, but will keep aliases for their old names for some time.
  • Default procedure arguments
    It is now possible to defined default values for procedure arguments, effectively making them optional. This is preferably only used when migrating from a legacy call signature.
  • Improved storage APIs
    All storage lookups are now case-insensitive. And storage lookup procedures have been updated to support a richer API with more filtering and control of the output.
  • Hidden and computed properties
    Object properties can now be hidden from APIs, making them only visible for Java code. This is useful for protecting passwords or other secrets. Computed properties have existing previously but are now properly supported everywhere and used more frequently.
  • Warnings on data migration
    Some built-in object types have been modified, but automatic migrations have been added to ensure that old data is converted on object initialization. Whenever such a migration is performed, a warning message will be printed to the system log. It disappears when the migrated object is stored.
  • Token authentication
    It is now possible to authenticate to any RapidContext API with an Authorization: Token *** HTTP header.
  • Session security improvement
    Sessions now always invalidate at most 90 days after creation. If a user changes a password, all existing sessions will also be invalidated.

Read the full changelog for additional details.

Version 2022.11

10 Nov 13:33
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  • Changed default font size
    The default CSS font size has been updated from 10px to 13px for better readability. This affects how much information fits on the screen, so apps will have to adjust accordingly.
  • Changed responsive size calculations
    All w and h size calculations are now converted to CSS calc(...) styles for improved speed and responsiveness on resize.
  • Changed form field CSS and more
    The default styling for <input> and <textarea> now matches the corresponding widgets. And <select> now has an updated style to match the others. There is now also a util.css with lots of Bootstrap-inspired utility classes.
  • Changed all widgets to dispatch native events
    All widgets will now dispatch CustomEvent instances via browser APIs for events (instead of using MochiKit.Signal).
  • Changed form validation
    Form validation is much improved and now checks the browser built-in Constraint validation API. This means that attributes as required, pattern and similar can be used on form inputs.
  • Added support for attributes in root node
    Adding an additional class to the root element is now trivial.
  • Bug Fixes and minor improvements
    Loads of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Read the full changelog for additional details.

Version 2022.08

26 Aug 09:21
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  • Updated Browser Compatibility
    Dropped support for Internet Explorer and the older versions of Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • Updated required Java version
    Now JRE 11 or later is required.
  • Added RapidContext.Browser module
    Provides bowser feature detection and shows a warning for unsupported browsers.
  • Added RapidContext.Async module
    Provides a Promise API to replace all uses of MochiKit.Async.Deferred.
  • Added storage query API
    This provides efficient searches and is also available via the System.Storage.Query procedure.
  • Added YAML serialization support
    Storage data can now be both read and written from YAML files.
  • Added single-page app support
    Web requests are now automatically routed to the nearest index.html or 404.html file (or app).
  • Removed WebDAV support
    Support for WebDAV was incomple and wasn't working properly in some operating systems.
  • Bug Fixes and minor improvements
    Loads of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Read the full changelog for additional details.

Version 0.17

08 Apr 10:36
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  • Updated Java and JavaScript versions
    Both the Java and JavaScript runtimes have been updated to more recent versions.
    The bundled JavaScript (Mozilla Rhino) still isn't fully ES6 compatible, but has lots
    of minor syntax improvements.
  • HTTP plug-in improvements
    Addition of SSL/TLS support, trace logging, URL-encoding of arguments, JSON decoding of responses, etc.
  • Bug Fixes
    Loads of minor and major bug fixes and minor improvements.

Read the full changelog for additional details.

Version 0.16

14 Nov 12:42
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  • Anonymous Users & Login Dialogs
    The built-in Start and Help apps can now be used by
    anonymous users (non-logged-in users). Users can then login via the
    top-right menu and any restricted app will automatically display the
    new built-in login dialog if accessed without valid permissions.
  • Refactored Access Control & Permissions
    The role-based access controls have been refactored to support
    different types of access (read, search, internal, etc) and to be
    fully based on storage paths (instead of object types and names).
    All hard-coded references to the built-in admin role
    have also been removed, as the default configuration is now sufficient.
  • New Icons & Refined Widgets
    FontAwesome icons are now available and used for many of the standard
    icons. This means better rendering in all sizes and in all resolutions.
    The Table, Progress and Popup widgets have also been restyled for a more
    modern look.
  • Improved Documentation & Help App
    The built-in Help
    app has been much improved, and the on-line
    documentation is now much clearer and up-to-date. The built-in
    test plug-in now provides an Example app that
    shows all widgets and icons available.
  • Bug Fixes & API Changes
    Lots of minor API changes have also been made and several JavaScript
    functions have been moved to the built-in legacy plug-in.
    Also, a number of bugs have been fixed to improve storage handling,
    session termination, connection management, etc.

Version 0.15

16 Apr 10:39
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  • Persistent Sessions
    User sessions are now stored to files on the server. These are kept for up to 30 days, meaning that users do not have to login as frequently as before (provided that their web browser cookies are intact).
  • Password Changes & Logouts
    A new password change dialog has been added to the User Menu at the top right corner. From there, it is easy to either change the password or logout.
  • Launching Apps in Separate Windows
    Apps can now be launched in separate windows (or tabs) with their own URL. This means that apps can also be bookmarked. This proves to be very convenient for immediate access to popular apps. Just press Ctrl or Alt when clicking the app launcher in the Start app.
  • Editing Connection Settings
    Connections can now be created, edited and removed directly from the Admin app (in the new "Connections" tab). The connection details view also provides information about current usage, pool size, timeout values, connection errors, JDBC driver and more.
  • Storage & Plug-In Information
    The Admin app has been improved to include direct links to the storage API for apps, connections and plug-ins. A new field also displays the source plug-in for apps, connections and procedures.
  • Updated Graphical Style
    The graphical style for many of the platform UI components (widgets) has been updated. This can be seen on dialogs, tabs, buttons, text input fields and more. The default icon set has also been extended with many new icons to use in apps.
  • Plug-ins Stored in ZIP files
    Plug-ins are now stored unpacked on the server, i.e. the plug-in ZIP files are used directly. Any contained JAR file is moved to a temporary location when the plug-in is loaded and removed when it is unloaded.
  • JDBC: Built-in Drivers for Drizzle, MySQL & PostgreSQL
    JDBC drivers for Drizzle, MySQL & PostgreSQL are now bundled and provided with the JDBC plug-in. Due to license restrictions, drivers for other popular databases cannot at this time be included with the default distribution.
  • And much more...
    This release also contains several programmer-visible changes. These include new API functions, bundled jQuery and other libraries, changes to the storage model, etc. See the API documentation for more details.

Version 0.14

16 Apr 10:38
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Version 0.13

16 Apr 10:13
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