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Zabbix Topdesk Mediatype

This zabbix mediatype will create or close Topdesk incidents based on triggers. You'll find a xml for importing the mediatype as well as the seperate script which handles the Topdesk API calls.

To get this to work you'll need to do the following steps:

  • Create a Topdesk user and enable it for API access
  • Create Zabbix mediatype by importing the xml
  • Fill in the gaps: parameters for the media action and enable a trigger receiving zabbix user to use it.


API information:

Create a permission group for API access

  • Modules > Supporting files > Permissiongroup > Create group ‘API Access first line call management’
  • Section Reporting API:
  • API > Rest API:
    • read
    • Use Application password
  • Section Call Management (can also be done with seperate group), for example
  • First line calls
    • Read/Write/Create
    • Close calls

Create an operator for use by the zabbix webhook

  • Modules > Supporting files > Operators > Create Operator
  • Surname
  • (Location)
  • Authorization
    • +group: API Access first line call management
    • Operator group
    • +group: existing operator group
    • Topdesk Login: username: zabbix, set password!
    • Login permission
    • Set Application password

Login with the newly created operator acount on Topdesk web interface

  • User menu > settings > Application password > Add
  • Choose application name and expiration date
  • Copy generated application password!

Test API access

Now it is time to the API Access to Topdesk. We need a base64 encoded userid and key string.

  • base64 encode :
  • echo -n zabbix:1a2bc-34de5-6fg78-hi90j-k12lm | base64 (emFiYml4OjFhMmJjLTM0ZGU1LTZmZzc4LWhpOTBqLWsxMmxt

Now retrieve json list of last incidents

This should return a last of the last 20 incidents.




Create a Mediatype of type 'webhook'

You can either create the webhook yourself, paste the script and create the parameters or import the XML.

From the Zabbix webinterface, choose Administration > Media types.

  • Import > choose topdesk-incident-triggers.xml
  • Now adjust the media type for your environment and edit the new Topdesk mediatype
  • Parameters:
  • required params:

    • authentication: base64 encoded :
    • urlAPI: Base URL Topdesk API:
    • eventvalue: {EVENT.VALUE}
    • eventupdate: {EVENT.UPDATE.STATUS}
  • parameters used during creation of incidents (eventvalue=1/eventupdate=0):

    • briefDescription: {ALERT.SUBJECT}
    • request: {ALERT.MESSAGE}
    • callerExternal: If filled this will be used as the caller for the incident. No Topdesk check on this field.
    • callerEmail: if callerExternal is blank, the callerEmail has to be filled with a valid Topdesk enabled email adres.
    • operator: id of operator
    • operatorGroup: id of operator group At least an operator group id must be supplied. Find it in the results of the curl API test!
  • parameters used on close (eventvalue=0/eventupdate=1)

    • incident_id: {EVENT.TAGS.incident_id} Event tag is created during initial incident creation and retrieved from Topdesk. Used for updates on incident
  • returned values in TAGS:
    • create: incident_id incident_nr

I still have to figure out the menu entry name and URL. It should be possible to generate a direct user accessible URL to the incident.

Use this mediatype on an alerting user


A zabbix mediatype template for triggers to create and close Topdesk incidents.






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