"Data Science for a Better World"—A tutorial for the GW Caminos al Futuro Summer program
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"Data Science for a Better World"

—A tutorial for the GW Caminos al Futuro Summer program

A hands-on tutorial for the "Caminos al Futuro" program of the GW Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute, for high-achieving juniors from US high schools.

v1. Held July 17, 2017.
v2. Held July 17, 2018.


This tutorial consists of three lessons, introducing the basics of data analytics with Jupyter notebooks. Jupyter notebooks allow you to write regular text content, and mix in computer code to run some analysis or make a graph. You can also add multi-media content, like images or video. This way, you can tell a story with data!

Click on the "Binder" button below to launch an interactive session with Jupyter, right on your browser. Magic!


Once the application launches (it can take a minute, depending on demand), you'll see the three lessons, with a little book icon next to them. Click on a lesson to start playing with it.

The lessons are:

  1. What is Jupyter?
  2. Python for Science
  3. Earth temperature over time

See the introductory slides.