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Reproducible workflow on a public cloud for computational fluid dynamics

License License

  • Olivier Mesnard (The George Washington University)
  • Lorena A. Barba (The George Washington University)

Manuscript preprint on arXiv, submitted April 16, 2019:


Other dependencies for pre- and post-processing steps:

We also provide a Docker image, barbagroup/cloud-repro:latest, to create a container with the same computational environment for the pre- and post-processing steps. See this Dockerfile to have the list of commands used to create the image.

To create a Docker container based on the barbagroup/cloud-repro:latest image:

docker pull barbagroup/cloud-repro:latest
docker run -it barbagroup/cloud-repro:latest /bin/bash


Not all content in this repository is open source. The Python code for creating the figures is shared under a BSD 3-Clause License. The written content in any Jupyter Notebooks is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. But please note that the manuscript text is not open source; we reserve rights to the article content, which will be submitted for publication in a journal. Only fair use applies in this case.