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Manuscript for ReScience C about the replication study on the pitching and rolling wing

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[Re] Three-dimensional wake topology and propulsive performance of low-aspect-ratio pitching-rolling plates


This repository contains the source files of the manuscript published in ReScience C. The repository was forked from the ReScience C template.


  • Olivier Mesnard (The George Washington University)
  • Lorena A. Barba (The George Washington University)


This article reports on a full replication study in computational fluid dynamics, using an immersed boundary method to obtain the flow around a pitching and rolling elliptical wing. As in the original study, the computational experiments investigate the wake topology and aerodynamic forces, looking at the effect of: Reynolds number (100--400), Strouhal number (0.4--1.2), aspect ratio, and rolling/pitching phase difference. We also include a grid-independence study (from 5 to 72 million grid cells). The trends in aerodynamic performance and the characteristics of the wake topology were replicated, despite some differences in results. We declare the replication successful, and make fully available all the digital artifacts and workflow definitions, including software build recipes and container images, as well as secondary data and post-processing code. Run times for each computational experiment on the nominal grid were between 8.1 and 13.8 hours to complete 5 flapping cycles, using two compute nodes with Dual 20-Core 3.70GHz Intel Xeon Gold 6148 CPUs and two NVIDIA V100 GPU devices each.

Compiling the article

Fill in information in metadata.yaml, modify content.tex, and type make command line. This will produce an article.pdf using xelatex and provided font. Note that you must have make, Python 3, and PyYAML installed on your computer to compile the article.

After acceptance, we'll need to complete metadata.yaml with information provided by the editor.


Manuscript for ReScience C about the replication study on the pitching and rolling wing