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Releases: barbara2011/HF-criticalmass

HF Critical Mass v2.0296

10 Aug 16:22
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"HF Critical Mass" software is derived from "Critical Mass", 1971 film by Hollis Frampton.
The software app is by Barbara Lattanzi

Technically and conceptually, the software is applied to digital videos.

The digital videos should be either uncompressed or "lightly" compressed. Lightly means that each frame is compressed individually. So mp4 does not work; h264 does not work; etc. Technically acceptable formats include Photo-JPEG and Apple Pro Res 422.


To begin you can simply drag and drop a video anywhere over the entire area of the software interface. Then click the "on | off" button.

The application runs on Mac computers only. It has been tested as a 32-bit application. (Transitioning to 64-bit is on the to-do list.)