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TypeScript Compiler for Meteor

TypeScript files are compiled into ES5 and CommonJS modules by default.

Based on TypeScript@2.1.1

Default compiler options as JSON:

  "module": "commonjs",
  "target": "es5",
  "moduleResolution": "node",
  "experimentalDecorators": true,
  "emitDecoratorMetadata": true,
  "sourceMap": true


Since Meteor 1.4, which is based on Node.js v4.0, it's possible to use ES6 on the server.

If you want to compile into ES6 on the server, put a tsconfig.json into the server folder:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "target": "ES6"

Path mappings

TypeScript paths mapping is supported since 0.6.0, though, with some limitations. It works only for local files and for module: commonjs.

You can now use paths like imports/client/foo instead of Meteor rooted paths like /imports/client/foo if you add to the config.json as follows:

  "baseUrl": ".",
  "paths": {
    "*": ["*"]


There are several sources of typings you'll need to know about when developing a Meteor app with TypeScript:

  • Typings from NPM packages:
    • More and more NPM packages come today with typings along with the source code files. TypeScript finds main declaration file using typings field in the package.json and applies it automatically, so users are free of worry about typings at all in this case.
    • Special NPM packages that contain only typings. Since 2.0.0 TypeScript supports referencing NPM packages directly in ts-files. For example, /// <reference types="@types/jquery" /> reference will apply jQuery typings from @types/jquery NPM package if it exists. @types is a special NPM scope supported by the TypeScript authors which contains typings from DefinitelyTyped in NPM packages. It's possible though to install any NPM package with typings using reference.
  • Typings installed and managed by typings utility. It's de-facto a major tool to manage typings today. Besides features to search and install typings from DefinitelyTyped, it has own typings repository supported by the community. So makes sense to give it at a try if you want to search typings easily as well as install them not only from DefinitelyTyped but from GitHub repos and other sources.
  • Typings related to Meteor itself (NPMs and Atmosphere packages). You can find most typings available for Meteor here. Some of them are already published as NPM packages, which means they can be installed as described above. If not, you can always install them with help of typings utility. For more info, please read here.
  • Custom typings: user d.ts-files that contain custom declarations.


To install Meteor declaration files, you'll need to run in the terminal as follows:

npm install typings -g

typings install env~meteor --global

Or install meteor-typings NPM and add

/// <reference types="meteor-typings" />

at the top of the main ts-file (that runs first).

For more information, please read README at

Typings Processing

Typings files are processed in the same way as regular ts-files. It means that if you place a declaration file into, for example, server folder it will be used only for the server code only.

Besides that, this package recognizes two subfolder of the typings folder: typigns/main and typings/browser. Files from the former will be used for the server code, and from the latter -- for the browser code accordingly. This is especially useful if you use typings utility to manage typings, which supports typings separation for the client and server code (but only for packages from the own repo).

Please note that any change to global typings will cause diagnostics re-evaluation (though it's less heavy than re-compilation) of the whole project, including the case when types references (see above) added or removed from ts-files.

If you change some custom declaration file often, it makes sence to reference it locally in ts-files where used but exlude it globally in the config:

 /// <reference path="typings/foo.d.ts" />
  "exclude": ["typings/foo.d.ts"]


As an example, check out a simple TODO app built with Angular2 and TypeScript,

Package Structure

This package uses (directly or indirectly) three other packages, which are worth to mention:

typescript-compiler - exports a Meteor TypeScript compiler that implements Meteor compiler API. TypeScript compiler in its turn uses meteor-typescript package’s API to compile TypeScript source code incrementally on file changes.

meteor-typescript - an NPM package that exports an incremental TypeScript build class. That class is designed to be used in the series of subsequent compilations of TypeScript source code. In that case, TypeScript Service API, which is used internally, allows to reuse compilation statistics and data between subsequent builds, thus, improving speed of the compilation.

typescript-runtime - currently contains TypeScript helpers, which allow to configure behavior of some parts of the compiled TypeScript code for special use cases. One of the use cases is usage with the old browsers.