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CPAN::WWW::Testers::Generator - Download and summarize CPAN Testers data
% cpanstats
# ... wait patiently
# ... then use cpanstats.db, an SQLite database
This distribution was originally written by Leon Brocard to download and
summarize CPAN Testers data. However, much of the original code has been
rewritten to use the CPAN Testers Statistics database generation code. This
now means that all the CPAN Testers sites including the Reports site, the
Statistics site and the CPAN Dependencies site, can use the same database.
This module downloads articles from the cpan-testers newsgroup, generating or
updating an SQLite database containing all the most important information. You
can then query this database, or use CPAN::WWW::Testers to present it over the
A good example query for Acme-Colour would be:
SELECT version, status, count(*) FROM reports WHERE
distribution = "Acme-Colour" group by version, status;
To create a database from scratch can take several hours, as there are now over
1.5 million articles in the newgroup. As such updating from a known copy of the
database is much more advisable. If you don't want to generate the database
yourself, you can obtain the latest official copy (compressed with gzip) at
The Constructor
* new
Instatiates the object CPAN::WWW::Testers::Generator.
* logfile
Accessor to set/get where the logging information is to be kept. Note
that if this not set, no logging occurs.
* database
Accessor to set/get the database full path.
* directory
Accessor to set/get the directory where the database is to be created.
* generate
Starting from the last recorded article, retrieves all the more recent
articles from the NNTP server, parsing each and recording the articles
that either upload announcements or reports.
* insert_article
Inserts the components of a parsed article into the database.
The database schema is very straightforward, one main table with several
index tables to speed up searches. The main table is as below:
| cpanstats |
| state | TEXT |
| postdate | TEXT |
| tester | TEXT |
| dist | TEXT |
| version | TEXT |
| platform | TEXT |
| perl | TEXT |
| osname | TEXT |
| osvers | TEXT |
| archname | TEXT |
The CPAN testers was conceived back in May 1998 by Graham Barr and Chris
Nandor as a way to provide multi-platform testing for modules. Today there
are over 1.5 million tester reports and more than 100 testers each month
giving valuable feedback for users and authors alike.
The objective of the CPAN Testers is to test as many of the distributions
on CPAN as possible, on as many platforms as possible. The ultimate goal is
to improve the portability of the distributions on CPAN, and provide good
feedback to the authors.
Whether you have a common platform or a very unusual one, you can help by
testing modules you install and submitting reports. There are plenty of
module authors who could use test reports and helpful feedback on their
modules and distributions.
If you'd like to get involved, please take a look at the CPAN Testers Wiki,
where you can learn how to install and configure one of the recommended
smoke tools.
For further help and advice, please subscribe to the the CPAN Testers
discussion mailing list.
CPAN Testers Wiki -
CPAN Testers Discuss mailing list
Original author: Leon Brocard <> (C) 2002-2008
Current maintainer: Barbie <> (C) 2008
This code is distributed under the same license as Perl.
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