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This distribution contains the files used to run and manage the CPAN Testers 
Blog website.

The CPAN Testers Blog website is built on top of the Labyrinth Website 
Management System. As such, the code to drive the website is conatined within
the Labyrinth and associated plugin prerequisites. In order to define the 
website in terms of functionality, layout and style, the files within the
'./vhost' directory of this distribution should be installed into your web
server's virtual host directory.

Included in the distribution is a C<vhost.conf> file, which contains the 
virtual host settings to implement the site using the Apache Web Server.


This distribution is in two parts, the first is the installer and the second
are the website files.

In the first instance the installer will install Labyrinth and associated 
plugins. These library modules form the engine of the website. These can be
installed as

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install

In the second instance, download the latest tarball and copy the contents of
the 'vhost' directory into the directory you plan to use to provide access to
the Blog. Create an appropriate database in MySQL and load the contents of the
SQL file, ./cgi-bin/db/cpanblog-base.sql. Note that this only provides the 
base tables and contents, none of the current CPAN Testers Blog posts. 

You then need to update the configuration file, ./cgi-bin/config/settings.ini,
with the necessary database connection settings, together with the correct
paths to your virtual directory. Then you'll need update the run script,
./cgi-bin/pages.cgi, to point your configuration file.

Finally, you'll need to update your web server as necessary. The CPAN Testers
Blog runs under Apache2, and the vhost file, ./vhosts.conf, can be adapted as
appropriate for other web servers applications.


Copyright (C) 2008-2012 Barbie for Miss Barbell Productions.

This distribution is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it 
under the Artistic License v2.


This distribution includes TinyMCE [1], a Javascript WYSIWYG Editor used within
the site. TinyMCE is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License 
Version 2.1, and all files within the './vhost/html/js/tiny_mce' directory
are copyright of the TinyMCE project.

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