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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use lib 't';
use vars qw( $class );
use Test::More tests => 6;
use Data::Phrasebook;
my $file = 't/02dict.ini';
# load up the default dict
my $book = Data::Phrasebook->new(class => 'Plain',
loader => 'Ini',
file => 't/05dict.ini');
is($book->fetch('foo'), "I'm original foo.");
# now switch to the second one
is($book->fetch('foo'), "I'm new foo.");
my @expected = qw( DEF ONE );
my @dicts = $book->dicts();
is_deeply( \@dicts, \@expected );
my @tkeys = qw( bar baz foo ); # default AND named
my @keywords = $book->keywords();
is_deeply( \@keywords, \@tkeys );
@tkeys = qw( bar foo );
@keywords = $book->keywords('DEF');
is_deeply( \@keywords, \@tkeys );
# check second still loaded
is($book->fetch('foo'), "I'm new foo.");
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