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Yii extension to handle errors & debug in Google Chrome using "PHP Console"
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PHP Console extension for Yii Framework

This extension integrates YII with Google Chrome extension PHP Console


  • PHP 5.3 (or later)
  • Yii Framework v1.* project
  • Google Chrome extension PHP Console


  1. Copy "/src/extension/phpconsole" to your extensions directory (i.e. /protected/extensions).
  2. Copy "/src/vendors/PhpConsole" to your vendors directory (i.e. /protected/vendors).
  3. Modify your config file (i.e. /protected/config/main.php)

Initialization & configuration

'preload' => array('log'),

'components' => array(

    'log' => array(
        'class' => 'CLogRouter',
        'routes' => array(
            'class' => 'ext.phpconsole.PhpConsoleLogRoute',
            /* Default options:
            'isEnabled' => true,
            'handleErrors' => true,
            'handleExceptions' => true,
            'sourcesBasePath' => $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'],
            'phpConsolePathAlias' => 'application.vendors.PhpConsole.src.PhpConsole',
            'registerHelper' => true,
            'serverEncoding' => null,
            'headersLimit' => null,
            'password' => null,
            'enableSslOnlyMode' => false,
            'ipMasks' => array(),
            'dumperLevelLimit' => 5,
            'dumperItemsCountLimit' => 100,
            'dumperItemSizeLimit' => 5000,
            'dumperDumpSizeLimit' => 500000,
            'dumperDetectCallbacks' => true,
            'detectDumpTraceAndSource' => true,
            'isEvalEnabled' => false,


Try this code in some controller:

// log using Yii methods
Yii::log('There is some debug message');

// log using PHP Console debug method
PC::debug('Short way to debug directly in PHP Console', 'some,debug,tags');
echo $undefinedVar;


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