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fix GFM markup

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1 parent 1c5c222 commit fc070481c798ed7d095a5b47a9e78126a0ae0bd6 @mgutz mgutz committed Jan 16, 2013
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@@ -51,15 +51,19 @@ There are three ways to use a layout, listed in the order in which they are chec
1. Declarative within a page. Use handlebars comment. If you have declared a layoutsDir in the configuration, `LAYOUT` is a relative path from layoutsDir. Otherwise, `LAYOUT` is a relative path from the template.
{{!< LAYOUT}}
2. As an option to render
res.render('veggies', {
title: 'My favorite veggies',
veggies: veggies,
layout: 'layout/veggie'
This option also allows for default layout suppression by passing in a falsey Javascript value as the value of the `layout` property:

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