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Web starter kit


Bramework is a web starter kit to build simple websites. You can build only the assets or build full websites, also integrate it with other tools like Eleventy or barcia/wp.

Getting started

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Install the NPM packages: npm install
  3. Start to develop with npm start or build your project with npm run build.



By default, bramework only build the assets (/src/scss/, /src/js/ and /src/img/) and can work with other static site generators like Eleventy (included by default).

Add more entries

By default build only one css and one js file, but you can pass more entry files in gulpfile.js


If you add the option --web in the start or build task in package.json, also copy the content in /src/web/ to /dist/. This is useful to use it with simple html (without site generators) or to build, for example, WordPress templates.

Use it only if you are not using a static site generator.

"scripts": {
  "start": "gulp watch --web",
  "build": "gulp build --web",
  "test": "gulp test"

You can also pass the options directly when call the task: npm run build -- --web

Live server

If you want to enable live server with live reload, you should pass the --server option in the start task.

The --serve option already includes the --web option.


Can also sync with a existing host (For example, if you are building a WordPress theme with barcia/wp) passing the proxy url: --proxy=localhost:8080.

"scripts": {
  "start": "gulp watch --serve --proxy=localhost:8080",
  "build": "gulp build",
  "test": "gulp test"


  • start: Build all assets in development mode and watch changes on then.

    • --web: Works also with the content in /src/web/
    • --serve: Start a live server. Already includes the --web option.
    • --proxy=localhost:8080: Redirect the live server to passed URL.
  • build: Test and build all assets in production mode.

    • --web: Works also with the content in /src/web/
    • --force: Force the build without ignoring the tests
  • test: Pass all linters and tests indicated in gulpfile.js


By default this project installs Eleventy, a simple Node based static site generator. Read his documentation if you want to work with him.

Eleventy creates his own live server, so you must configure it in his configuration file, .eleventy.js.

IMPORTANT. If you use Eleventy, you can not use the --web or --serve options.

Change the start and build tasks to work with Eleventy.

"scripts": {
  "start": "gulp watch & eleventy --serve",
  "build": "gulp build & eleventy",
  "test": "gulp test"


Developed by Iván Barcia

Project tested on BrowserStack


This project is under MIT License

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