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Outside connections do not work #28

evliya opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This is the same as in the #24. I do not have the rights to reopen the issue, so I created this new one. Sorry for the mess.

The connection problem still exists. I've tested on FF 10 on RedHat, FF 11 on Win7, FF 11 on Ubuntu with Mozrepl 1.1, and still can not connect from anywhere except from localhost.

We have discovered this issue when the Firefox installation our servers are automatically updated to 10 (we were using 3). We have reverted back to FF 3 and Mozrepl 1.0 as a workaround.


I'm having the same issue, FF 12. Can self-connect only if using localhost....will not connect if I use my own IP address. Does not connect to other computer across network. Tried different ports, no difference. "Allow outside connections" is indeed checked.


I was able to implement a work-around by using a port forwarding program: AUTAPF.

Listen on :4242,
Forward to localhost:4242,
Outbound on :4242.
(Replace with your network name)

Now I can access/control Mozilla across the network. It would be really nice though if it worked and didn't have to use the port forwarding program.


Seems to be fixed in "Mozrepl 1.1.1 preview" which I downloaded from
I can now gain access using "telnet x.x.x.x 4242" from a remote host, whereas previously I had to setup a ssh tunnel.

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